Micropower Supplies
Brigham Young University, in collaboration with Bipolar Technologies Corporation, has developed a new class of microbatteries designed for use with autonomous microsensors and other autonomous microsystems.  These batteries offer excellent power performance with a power density >75 mW/cm2 (>1000W/kg), comparable to most capacitor technologies. 
These thick film microbatteries also offer a charge storage capacity of approximately 1 mA hr/cm2 (based on the cathode area), considerably higher than that of a typical thin film microbattery.  Cells are made with microfabrication techniques that permit fabrication of a large number of cells simultaneously on a single substrate.  These cells are considerably thicker than the solid-state lithium cells described in the literature; however, they are still very thin relative to cells such as button cells that are not microfabricated.
Battery Characteristics
Small physical size
  < 0.1 cm2, <100 um in thickness.
High power per volume and area
  > 120 mW/cm2 achieved
High capacity per volume and area
  ~ 1mAhr/cm2 achieved
Long Cycle Life
  Demonstrated over 2000 cycles
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